Freestyle Beaded Jump Rope

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This is the rope I use in all my videos!


I prefer this style of rope because of the flexibility it allows me for some of the tricks you see. It also provides great feedback when learning new skills. These lightweight ropes are ideal for everyone from beginner to competitor. 


  • ALL WHITE lightweight beaded rope :)
  • 1 inch beads 
  • Hard plastic handles

These things are incredibly indestructible

Size Guide

7 ft: up to 5'5

8 ft:  up to 5'11 

9 ft: 5'11 +

For reference, I am 6'3" and use a size 8ft rope - However I worked to get to this size. If you are on the fence, I would suggest going with the 9ft and you can shorten it to your liking. 

Ropes can be manually shortened, typically this requires cutting the rope, however I would recommend doing this in small increments to avoid having a rope you can't use.

It's good practice to use different sized ropes as well. For example, I use the 9 ft rope for basic jumping. However, I have another rope that is shortened to about 8'7 to execute some of the more advanced tricks. That way I can rotate between ropes when I want to.

 For most, a 9ft rope is a great length to start. If you have questions about sizing, please feel free to reach out.

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